Article in Keene Equinox on Disturbing Legislation

Hello. Below you will find a link to a story by Megan Lamattina in the Keene Equinox. The thoughtful article is about a piece of dreadful legislation that would empower security guards at Keene State to "detain" people that the security guards think might have committed a crime. The legislation does not define what crimes the security guards would be empowered to detain citizens for, or for how long they could be detained. The security guards could "detain" people for as long as it took for police officers to arrive. This legislation is a cause for great constitutional concern. It is highly unlikely that when the Founding Fathers drafted the Fourth Amendment that they would have condoned these "detentions" by security guards. Here's a link to the article:



  1. are the security guards armed?can they handcuff people?I thought they were just like the renta-cops at the mall.Its scary to think that these people could just arrest students for just about anything.

  2. what happens when the students just ignore them like usual?can they physically hold them down or use mace?