Directions to New Hampshire Circuit Courts - District Divisions:

Coos County Circuit Courts: the 1st Circuit District Courts serve the districts of Coos County: Berlin, Lancaster, and Colebrook:

1st Circuit-District Division-Berlin
1st Circuit-District Division-Lancaster
1st Circuit-District Division-Colebrook

Grafton County Circuit Courts: the 2nd Circuit Courts serve the districts of Grafton County: Haverhill, Lebanon, Littleton, and Plymouth.

2nd Circuit-District Division-Haverhill
2nd Circuit-District Division-Plymouth
2nd Circuit-District Division- Lebanon
2nd Circuit-District Division- Littleton

Carroll County Circuit Courtsthe 3rd Circuit Courts serve the districts of Carroll County: the Conway District Court, formerly the Northern District Court for Carroll County, and the Ossipee District Court, formerly the Southern District Court for Carroll County.

3rd Circuit-District Division-Ossipee
3rd Circuit-District Division-Conway

4th Circuit-District Division-Laconia

5th Circuit-District Division-Claremont
5th Circuit-District Division-Newport

6th Circuit-District Division-Concord
6th Circuit-District Division-Franklin
6th Circuit-District Division-Hillsborough
6th Circuit-District Division-Hooksett

7th Circuit-District Division-

7th Circuit-District Division-
7th Circuit-District Division-
7th Circuit-District Division-
7th Circuit-District Division-

Cheshire County Circuit Courts: there are two District Courts serving Cheshire County: the Jaffrey-Peterborough and Keene District Courts:

8th Circuit-District Division-Jaffrey-Peterborough 

9th Circuit-District Division-Manchester
9th Circuit-District Division- Nashua
9th Circuit-District Division- Milford
9th Circuit-District Division- Merrimack

Rockingham County District Courts: there are six circuit courts serving Rockingham County: Brentwood, Candia, Plaistow, Portsmouth, Salem, and Seabrook.

10th Circuit-District Division- Candia
10th Circuit-District Division-Derry
10th Circuit- District Division- Salem
10th Circuit-District Division- Plaistow
10th Circuit-District Division- Portsmouth
10th Circuit-District Division- Seabrook
10th Circuit-District Divison- Brentwood

District Divisions:
  • District divisions serve one or more towns.  There are 32 District divisions in New Hampshire. Click on links below for district division addresses, judges, clerks, hours, jurisdictions and directions. 
  • There are 10 Circuit Courts. Each circuit will have at least one Circuit Court clerk. Some of the state's largest counties have more than one Circuit Court clerk assigned to manage divisions in more than one city or town. The locations of the district, family and probate divisions are now circuit court locations.  
  • For more information visit: www.courts.state.nh.us
The New Hampshire Circuit Court began operation on July 1, 2011 merging the District and Probate Courts and the Family Division into a single, streamlined system designed to improve services to both the public and the Bar while producing significant cost savings. The merger is the most significant overhaul of the New Hampshire Judicial Branch since the early 1980s, when the legislature unified all the state courts under a single administrative and financial structure.