New Case Result 6 15 07 and New Weekly Tip

Hello all. There is a new DWI case result posted today on my main website:


This case ended in a successful NOT GUILTY verdict after trial. An issue arose in this case that caused the case to be closer than it should have, and I will address that here in a new posting I will try and keep up with every week called "The Weekly Tip". Prior to his arrest, the driver was cooperative and polite with the arresting officer. After he was handcuffed, the driver began to state obscenities and foul language at the arresting officer. His reason for this was that his handcuffs were too tight. However, IT IS NEVER A GOOD IDEA TO SWEAR OR USE INAPPROPRIATE LANGUAGE WHILE BEING ARRESTED! I will post more on this in the "The Weekly Tip" post here latter. These are meant as general information and should not be construed as legal advice for any specific case.

Best to all of you and have a safe weekend.

Mark Stevens

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