Double Check Expiration Dates: Weekly Driving Tip July 6 2007

Hello everyone. As some of you may have seen, I've been posting a weekly driving tip in hope that it may avoid some unwanted police contact for you. Today's tip is this:

Go out today and check the expiration date of your driver's license, registration and inspection stickers on ALL your vehicles. Expired licenses and registrations, as well as out of date inspection stickers are all arguably valid reasons for the police to stop you. This is a sure fire way to get stopped during busy summer weekends, and especially late at night. It can lead to a stop, the activation of blue lights and a significant intrusion into your privacy. If the officer smells anything that might be suspicious to him or her, like an alcoholic beverage or marijuana odor, you may find yourself with a DWI charge. Take this easy step BEFORE you leave for a night out.

Have a safe weekend,

Mark Stevens


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  1. can they stop you just because your license is expired and how do they now its expred