A Great Time To Exercise Your Right to Remain Silent

Hello Everyone,

It is a good time for the periodic reminder about a question police have begun to ask with alarming frequency:

"On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your level of impairment?"

This question is tailored to elicit an incriminating response from the driver. You'll usually note this question is asked at the end of field sobriety testing, and there is no doubt that the driver is about to be arrested. Rather than inform the driver of his or her right to remain silent at this juncture, though, the officer may seek one last incriminating statement from the driver prior to applying the handcuffs. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ANSWER THIS QUESTION!

As you can see from the above question, any response is an incriminating one, with "1" being a little incriminating and "10" being really incriminating. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ANSWER THIS QUESTION!

Have a safe weekend.


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