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The internet is a funny place. We search for information, products, places and people every day. Some people search for a New Hampshire DWI lawyer when they have been arrested for driving or boating under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Some people search for a specific New Hampshire DWI lawyer. Some of those searches are for me, Mark Stevens, and I appreciate your search for my profile, case examples, website and blog from the bottom of my heart. Every case result on my website is 100% verifiable by going to the court in which the victory happened.

Because of the number and type of case victories I have been blessed with over the past few years, others try to profit from searches for me specifically. They pay to advertise when some one searches for my name on the major search engines. You can tell that some one is paying to appear under a search term, like "Attorney Mark Stevens in Salem NH", for example, when their link is one of the three shaded ones at the top of the page or one of the shaded boxes on the right hand side of the page. So they pay to be there when you are looking for me. I guess their theory is that you might search for me, click on them by accident, and that you are not smart enough to not know the difference. I know you are smarter than that.

If you are looking for my website the links are below. Thank you for visiting and reading. If you have been charged with Aggravated DWI, DWI or boating while intoxicated in New Hamphire, please feel free to call to arrange a free initial consultation at 603-893-0074. It's what we do.

Have a safe night.

Mark Stevens

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