Posting Names of Drivers Accused of DWI on Twitter-The Latest Tactic in the DWI Witch Hunt

Here's the latest twist on punishing people charged with DWI, whether or not they're ever convicted. As the article below describes a new tactic will be employed by at least once county in Texas: publicly tweeting the names of drivers suspected of DWI by the police on twitter. That's right, no waiting around until the actual court verdict, or for the Constitution to get in the way of some old fashioned public scorn, they'll just start the punishment process immediately upon arrest.

And because this unusual move has gained a lot of attention, it will probably be copied by other jurisdictions. Most actions against people accused of DWI are quickly mimicked by other jurisdictions across the country; the harsher the procedure the more likely it is to be parrotted. Here is a link to the story and the goal of humiliating the DWI suspects.


What will happen to the citizens who win their cases, I wonder? In the interest of fairness will the county tweet "not guilty" and "case dismissed" results?

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Mark Stevens





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