Over the Limit or Over the Rainbow? Cop Embellishes .06 up to .10, Loses Lawsuit

Here's food for thought. What if the cops said your breath test result was higher than a .10 but you were sober. Doesn't matter any more, right, because you'd be "over the legal limit", meaning a breath test allegedly higher than a .08. But what if the cop exaggerated your breath test result, all the way up from a .06 to over a .10? Surely no cop would do that would they? Read this infuriating case from Vermont where that's exactly what happened:


To top it off, the state is still clinging to the notion that they have the right to do exactly what this trooper did! Despite losing a lawsuit for this driver's damages, the state's lawyer argues that the trooper was "out there trying to do his job".

So why do innocent people refuse to blow into these gadgets again? Yet another dark tale of a sober person whose "result" was higher than .08.

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  1. You know it is amazing that people still believe that this stuff doesn't happen. Thanks you for keeping to expose this type of stuff.