When Asked By a Cop to Rate Yourself On a Scale of Zero to Ten, Be A Zero

If you are arrested for DWI in New Hampshire, the arresting officer may ask you to rate yourself. The trick question goes along these lines: "So on a scale of zero to ten, with zero being stone cold sober and 10 being falling down drunk, where would you rate yourself." The cop is not going to factor your answer into his arrest decision. He has already decided to arrest you he just hasn't shared that bad news with you yet.

The cop is asking you this question so that you will incriminate yourself. If you cannot remain silent, as you should, answer "ZERO" and say no more. I posted a new video on YouTube regarding answering "zero", called: "Be A Zero": Here it is:


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  1. Great point. Great video. Clear message. It is precisely this type of cutesy and unfair question that people don't think about as we are all programed to trust the police, but the truth is that if you are stopped at the side of the road, you cannot trust the police to do a complete job. Resorting to these type of questions is a shortcut to thinking and work.

    -Justin J. McShane, Esquire, Harrisburg DUI Lawyer

  2. Thanks Justin, and you are 100% right. This began a couple of years ago and is catching fire fast as a couple of courts allow the answer to come in at trial.