"Operation Dry Water"-It's Boating While Intoxicated Season Again

Visit: ByeByeDwi.com The summer boating season is here. So is Operation Dry Water, a federally funded program under which police fish for "boating while intoxicated" arrests. Boating While Intoxicated, also known as a "BWI" is an allegation of operating a boat on a public waterway while intoxicated.

If you've already been arrested for boating while intoxicated, then you will probably be shocked to learn that the consequences for a BWI are the same as for a New Hampshire DWI conviction. Avoiding a New Hampshire BWI conviction is important!

Just as when you are stopped on the road in your car for suspected drinking and driving, you also have rights while boating in New Hampshire. Know your rights, and know what to do if you are stopped by police while boating! If you have been arrested for boating while intoxicated, "aggravated boating while intoxicated" or "boating under the influence" in New Hampshire, call today at 1-603-893-0074 for a free initial consultation and case evaluation. We look forward to speaking with you.

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