Happy Fourth of July Weekend

New Hampshire DWI laws. Happy Fourth of July! This a great weekend and the weather is supposed to be good in New Hampshire and Massachusetts all three days of this long weekend. You should be aware that there are enhanced police activities during this weekend, including DWI roadblocks and "DWI saturation patrols", which are officers turned loose with a directive to make DWI arrests that are paid for by federal grants. If they don't make enough arrests, they may not get a grant the next time federal money is being doled out. So be carfeul this weekend. In an effort to reduce your chances of being pulled over and hassled, (whether you have been drinking or not) remember a few of these tips:

1.Make Sure Your Inspection Stickers and Registrations Are Valid
Especially during this high-traffic weekend, make sure your inspection sticker and registration are valid and up to date. Police will immediately pull you over if they notice your sticker is expired, and if there’s a chance that you have been drinking, the consequence could be much more severe. The penalty for a motor vehicle code is usually around $60, but if the police smell alcohol, there’s a good chance that you may end up arrested. Save the hassle and avoid it all, have your stickers up to date!

2.Make Sure Your Plate Lights and Other Lights Work
Every day when the sun starts to set, it is important to have your headlights on to avoid any accidents with other vehicles. This weekend especially, make sure to check that all of your lights on your car aren’t in need of a new bulb, and are correctly functioning. If the police notice your car driving in the dark with no lights on, there’s another immediate reason to pull you over. Police will sometimes assume that you forgot to turn them on due to being drunk. They will use any reason they can to land a DWI on you. Avoid this at all costs by checking your lights!
Remember two of these important tips and you’ve already got a head start for the holiday weekend.

Have a safe weekend,
Mark Stevens
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