Creepy Junk Mail After Your DWI Arrest?

A fairly new issue has arisen in DWI cases. After your arrest, a few lawyers who have enough free time on their hands to do so have begun direct junk mailings to people unfortunate enough to get arrested. The night of your arrest was bad enough, but now you get a reminder about it. Your first thought was likely, "how did this creep get my address?"

You may have wanted to keep your DWI arrest quiet, but the dump-truck lawyers have found you. Experienced lawyers who try DWI cases and actually win them don't send out these mailings. The one consistent theme of these letters is that the lawyer is cheap, usually with a fee printed on the mailing that is a fraction of the fee quoted by any good lawyer you have talked to.

Imagine if you got a hand made cheap brochure from a new airline. The brochure listed a price that was cheaper than the real airlines. The pitch was that because they have no other passengers they can dote on you. Why no other passengers?, you might ask. Or maybe the new airline offered cheap fares because their pilots weren't very good and need to practice on some one. Would you buy the cheap ticket?

You get one shot to beat your New Hampshire DWI charge. Choose how you will fight the charge wisely. If you have a bird, you can line the bird's cage with these mailers, or recycle them responsibly. When you talk to a lawyer ask him or her when he won his last case, what the date was, the court name and the docket number. No good lawyer will be bothered by that request. Go to the court and verify the not guilty verdict peronally; it's there for you to see. My hunch is no one who mails these junk mail letters will be able to give you such verifiable information.

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