Don't Tell the Cops You're Taking Drugs

If you get stopped and the police suspect you are intoxicated ("DUI/DWI")they will ask you about drinking. "Have you been drinking? is the tricky way the question is posed. You may have been watching a game or mowing the lawn and had a beer. But the way the question is posed, an affirmative answer sounds like you've been playing beer pong.

So what happens when the police think you're intoxicated but they can't smell alcohol? They will usually ask you if you take any medications. If a cop suspects you of intoxication and asks you if you tae medications, you are at high risk to get arrested. If you answer "yes" and describe what you take, even if it is prescribed, it increases your risk of arrest.

There is no better time to exercise your right to remain silent and your right to a lawyer than when a cop asks you if you are taking prescription drugs. Most innocent people beleieve that if they explain to the police that they are taking medications exactly as their doctor prescribed them they will steer clear of the DWI net the police are trying to catch them in. Wrong. Be careful how you answer any question posed by the police when you are stopped.


Have a safe night.


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