Prosecution Sends Innocent Man to Prison Due to DNA Screwup by State: Don't Worry Though, Sheriff Says the DNA mix up was ‘unacceptable’

New Hampshire criminal defense lawyer. Here's the latest crime lab screw up that caused an innocent man to go to prison for a crime he didn't commit, this time based on a "mistake" with DNA, the prosecution's "gold standard" of forensic "science". DNA evidence is hawked in courts by prosecutors as being statistically flawless, ruling out the entire rest of the world as potential suspects, except the person sitting in the defendant's chair. So what could go wrong? It sounds so perfect? Well in this case the prosecution used the wrong DNA to throttle a man into pleading guilty to something he didn't do, then packed him off to the Nevada state prison for four years. Here is a link to a story about this latest crime lab crime:

Sheriff: DNA mix up ‘unacceptable’ - FOX5 - KVVU - Las Vegas, News, Weather and Video

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