How Secret Points Get on Your New Hampshire Driving Record

New Hampshire DWI Laws and New Hampshire motor vehicle laws by New Hampshire defense Attorney Mark Stevens 1-603-893-0074. If you have been arrested in New Hampshire and charged with DWI or aggravated DWI, or even if you were given a ticket and allowed to drive away from the cops, you should be aware of some tricky ways that secret points can be added to your New Hampshire driving record. 

If you received a New Hampshire speeding ticket or any other type of ticket from the police, the ticket contained a sheet of paper that lists a lot of types of convictions, how much the fine is for each and how many points may hit your New Hampshire driving record for the next 5 years after your case is resolved.  But did you know that there a large number of New Hampshire motor vehicle violations that are NOT written on the ticket that can lead to a large number of points being secretly added to your New Hampshire driving record? 

Here is a partial list of some of these "secret points" convictions that can come back to BITE YOU if you just blindly plead guilty or no lo to your traffic ticket.  If you plead guilty to these offenses by mail or in court these are the points that will be added to your driving record::

Statute                      Offense                                   Number of Secret Points

262:40-C                Abandoned vehicles                   3

262:1                     Alteration of title                       6

262:7 or
262:10                 Change/remove vehicle ID #       6

264:25                 Conduct after accident               6

265:4                   Disobeying police officer            6

263:63                 Driving without SR-22               4

263:2                  Failure to display/produce
                           license for officer                        2

265:16                Failure to drive on
                          right hand side of road                4

265:37or 265:41 Failure to use due care               3

262:3                  False report of theft                   6

265:18 or 265:20 Improper passing                      4

263:57-a          Lending license to
                        minor to purchase alcohol             6

262:17            Odometer tampering                      6

265:75            Road racing                                   6

265:80            Transporting drugs                         6

Don't let points be added to your driving record that can harm your insurance and even cause your license to get suspended! If you have received a motor vehicle citation in New Hampshire feel free to call today for an immediate phone consultation on what you should do next.  I look forward to speaking with you.  New Hampshire DWI Lawyer Mark Stevens 1-603-893-0074




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