NH DWI Laws: What to Do When Sitting in the Back of a Police Cruiser

New Hampshire DWI Laws.   Very few police cruisers in New Hampshire are equipped with video recording equipment.  This is not because the video recording equipment costs too much; the state pours lots of money into DWI prosecutions, including expensive DWI roadblocks, "DWI saturation patrols" and even a $500,000.00 DWI bus that the state drives to roadblocks and other state-sponsored publicity events. 

The reason most departments do not video tape DWI suspects is because the videos reveal that the drivers very seldom look or sound as drunk as the cops make them out to be in their police reports.  But if you get arrested for a New Hampshire DWI charge or "aggravated DWI" charge, you should always ASSUME you are being recorded when you are dealing with the police. just in case you are being arrested by a department that has nothing to hide and uses video recording devices. 

Here is a video of a man busted for DWI by the RCMP.  He may or may not know that he is being recorded.  He sings "Bohemian Rhapsody" (rather well) while in the back of a police cruiser.  Silence is golden, though, while you are riding to the police station.  Try not to say (or sing) anything.  Don't make any positive or negative comments about the arresting officer.  Ask to speak to a lawyer at the first opportunity, but you don't need to say this dozens of times.


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