What Would You Do If You Lost Your License For Life?

What Would You Do if You Lost Your License for Life?

 New Hampshire News Story - WMUR New Hampshire 

"Some Say System Isn't Discouraging Multiple DWI"  featuring Salem, NH DWI  Lawyer Mark Stevens.

WMUR News N.H. (www.WMUR.com) and Team 5 Investigates (TheBostonChannel.com) of News Center 5 Boston dig into this WMUR News 9 Special Report featuring iinterviews with NH DWI Defense Attorney Mark Stevens (and others) revealing never before heard facts about repeat drunk drivers and the truth about penalties repeat offenders pay for jeopardizing the safety of our state roadways.
Approximately 86,000 New Hampshire state residents have a conviction for DWI.  In Massachusetts the state law protects the anonymity of it's 1,824 residents who have been revoked for a lifetime license loss. Not here. Under New Hampshire law the drivers names can be published, like a modern day "scarlet letter". 

Drunk Driving Foes: Return Licenses to Repeat Offenders: 
Drunk Driving Foes: Return Licenses to Repeat Offenders - Video - WMUR New Hampshire 
(To Read the Full Story visit and check out more videos and articles visit  http://www.wmur.com/ ).

According to the article featured in WMUR.com, "Under state law, a person who gets charged with DWI can typically get a temporary driver's license again almost immediately. DWI attorney Mark Stevens said that's because people are innocent until proven guilty. "The people you read about are these guys who get two DWIs in three hours," Stevens said. "The people you don't hear about are those who get arrested and then get back a blood test that's under .08 -- not guilty people." Stevens said stricter punishment and tougher laws are not the solution. "Punishment alone is not going to cure anything," he said. "If it even needs to be cured, it's through treatment." Reams said he agrees, but it comes down to drivers making a personal decision." (Read more@ http://www.wmur.com/news/30968059/detail.html#ixzz1tvQM4UAq).

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