Mass State Police Drug Lab Chemist Caught Cheating

Mass. State Drug Lab Chemist Caught Cheating!

Crooked lab employee cheated to be "the smartest employee in the lab"? Could this happen where you live? If you live in Massachusetts the answer is yes.

It's breaking headlines nationally but especially alarming in Massachusetts, where hundreds or thousands of people may have been convicted based on bogus tests conducted and reported by a state drug lab miscreant. This results-oriented chemist was involved and responsible for certifying and testing drug evidence submitted by local police from all over the state of MA used in cases involving trafficking and other drug-related cases. Governor Patrick shut down this lab on August 30th after multiple allegations that one of the lab's chemists responsible for handling and testing the evidence has been tampering with and mishandling evidence since 2003. But don't worry. All the drugs are being reshuffled to a different Massachusetts state lab for testing. Yes, run by the same team of people who make arrests and prosecute the cases. It's got to be fair doesn't it?  

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Mass. drug lab probe could have far-reaching consequences

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