Arrested for DWI in Salem, New Hampshire ?

New Hampshire DWI Lawyer. If you drive through Salem, New Hampshire late at night, especially a weekend night, the likelihood of you being stopped for minor traffic violations like "crossing the yellow line", or other minor speeding infractions is very high. If you are pulling out of the state liquor store parking lot on Route 28 you might be stopped just because you look young!  Once you're stopped, you can find yourself facing a DWI arrest, and the draconian New Hampshire DWI penalties that flow from a NH DWI conviction. If the officer asks you questions about drinking, he is trying to get you to incriminate yourself.

Once the questions about drinking start, you are probably about to get arrested. 

Choose your actions wisely!  Be polite; don't be a jerk, even if the officer is completely off-base for arresting you in the first place.  Don't cry, bash your head against the cruiser window, tell the cop you want to die, don't call the cops names or tell him he's stupid, or anything else of that nature.  Don't tell him you know important people, that you know a lawyer, or that he is going to be sorry for arresting you.  He's not. 

You can focus on your defense by remaining silent.  Watch this video for more:

Remember, when the cops are arresting you, keep your thoughts to yourself.  They can be more helpful to you later. When you leave the police station, the police will give you some important documents.  One is your temporary driver's licese (the pink form) and another tells you what day to go to the 10th Circuit Court in Salem

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