Wishing Everyone a Great July 4th Weekend from Salem, NH DWI and Criminal Defense Attorney Mark Stevens 1-603-893-0074 (24/7)

Wishing everybody a happy and safe Fourth of July, from Salem, New Hampshire DWI Defense Lawyer Mark Stevens and everyone at the Law Offices of Mark Stevens. As the Fourth of July Weekend begins, it is more likely than ever that you could be stopped in a DWI roadblock or have an unwanted encounter with the police in New Hampshire, even if you have not been drinking at all.

If you find yourself in the middle of an objectionable roadside situation with the police, remember to be courteous and polite, and that YOU CANNOT BE FORCED TO DO ROADSIDE FIELD SOBRIETY TESTS AND YOU CANNOT BE FORCED TO TAKE THE HAND-HELD ROADSIDE BREATH-TESTING GADGETS!!! You may want to be prepared for these anxiety provoking events by preparing yourself (& your vehicle!) for what you will do when you roll into an undesirable rendezvous with the cops. Remember the only sure way to avoid a DWI conviction is not to drink and drive at all.

Here's a few tips:
Before hitting the highway, make sure to check your plate and brake lights, locate and create easy access to your license and registration- keep your inspection stickers up to date (and license plates). Equipment violations are a great way to find yourself in the flashing blues of a police car despite your "good driver discount-status"! Avoid giving the police a chance to legally stop you by making sure that your lights are functioning and any equipment issues have been addressed before heading out.

If You're About to be Arrested for a New Hampshire DWI….
Call Salem, New Hampshire DWI & Criminal Defense Attorney Mark Stevens (admitted in all courts in MA and NH) to schedule your free consultation and initial case evaluation. Call Attorney Mark Stevens (24/7) if you've been hassled by the cops in an unnecessary roadside encounter. The consultation is free call 603-893-0074 or 603-893-0261 [24/7] to set up your appointment today!

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