Heads Up!!! Sobriety Checkpoints This Weekend in Manchester, New Hampshire April 24th and April 25th

Heads Up! This weekend Manchester Police will be conducting DWI Roadblocks and Sobriety Checkpoints in undisclosed areas around Manchester, New Hampshire on April 24th and April 25th. 

Here are a few tips if you find yourself caught in one of these traps over the weekend:1. Put Mark Stevens # in your phone now 603-785-6458 (24/7 & roadside). Might be a good idea if you need it later...
2. DON'T RUN, make any last minute U-turns, or try to dodge these. It will only end up making things worse.
3. You do not have to take the Field Sobriety Tests, You have the right to refuse them.

Know your rights, as well as knowing that the Constitution still protects you from before and after you are stopped by the police. Call for free initial consultation and case evaluation for your DWI, DUI, OUI, aggravated DWI or boating while intoxicated cases. 

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Have you been arrested for a DWI charge in New Hampshire? Were you trapped and captured in a police DWI roadblock?  The chances are greater than ever that your arrest occurred after an arrest in a DWI roadblock. The police call these "sobriety checkpoints" because that sounds somewhat less offensive to our Constitution's and our way of life; but they are what they are, and what they are, are roadblocks.

New Hampshire DWI laws and constitutional issues arising from DWI road blocks by New Hampshire DWI defense lawyer Mark Stevens. DWI roadblocks are a growing problem in New Hampshire. If you have been arrested for a DWI charge in New Hampshire call Attorney Mark Stevens to schedule a free consultation and initial case evaluation  (24/7)  603-893-0074 or 603-893-0261.  We look forward to speaking with you.

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  1. I'm not familiar either traffic or driving under the influence laws. You mentioned with a very negative connotation that cops are frequently doing sobriety checks at forced stops on the road. Is it illegal for police to set up a roadblock? If so, it's great that there is a DUI lawyer, like yourself, to help out these folks. http://www.wkclawfirm.com/Traffic%20Matters-Driving%20Under%20the%20Influence.html

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