Not Guilty Verdict August 28, 2007

Hello every one. I have a new Not Guilty Verdict posted on my web site:


This was a great victory on a .13/.14 breath test case.

Have a safe weekend!


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  1. Good Afternoon Mark,

    I'm a Deputy that cannot tolerate Drunk Drivers. They are dangerous should not be on the road...ever.

    By reading your posted DWI cases that you have bragged about, I learned a lot about how to make sure my DUI cases stick.

    So thanks to you, I have not lost one case. In fact, there were some scenarios that were just like some of your examples that I've won because I was prepared.

    I have circulated your website to many LEOs so they can see how individuals like you help drunks get away with the very crime they have committed. Very good stuff!

    Thanks for educating me and other Law Enforcement Officers on how to win cases. Keep 'em coming!