RIP Richard Jewell

R.I.P. Richard Jewell
Admit it. You probably thought Richard Jewell was the Centennial Park assassin after the FBI declared him a key suspect and psychologists went on the air to describe how he fit the profile of a “lone bomber”. I know I fell for it. Mr. Jewell protested the multiple searches of his home and complained that he was set upon “like piranha on a bleeding cow.” It turned out that Richard Jewell was not only innocent, but he was a genuine American hero who saved hundreds of lives. He died a few days ago.

The Innocence Project (http://www.innocenceproject.org/) reports that since 1991 there have been 207 post-conviction DNA exonerations in the United States –individuals who were wrongfully convicted based on “eyewitness misidentification, corrupt scientists, overzealous prosecutors and inept defense counsel.” Fifteen of these people were sentenced to death. Our system of justice presumes innocence unless guilt is proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Now you know why. New Hampshire DUI cases are not immune from the same frailties that caused Richard Jewell to be wrongfully accused of being a domestic terrorist.

When dramatic mistakes like those made in the Richard Jewell case can be made in cases involving the best law enforcement agents in our country, in one of the biggest investigations ever, it is not too much of a stretch to realize that they can be made in the New Hampshire DWI cases that no one ever hears about.

Thank you to San Francisco attorney Paul Burglin for the inspiration for this blog entry and rememberence of wrongly accused American hero Richard Jewell. http://www.burglin.com/

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