The Weekly Trampling of the Fourth Amendment: New Hampshire's DWI Roadblocks

The chances increase every day here in New Hampshire that you will be stopped by the police even if you have done nothing wrong at all. If that seems un-American it is because it is un-American. When the Framers of our Constitution insisted on the ratification of the Bill of Rights, it was because they sought to protect future generations from arbitrary government tyranny.

Roadblocks have reduced the Fourth Amendment from a bedrock Constitutional guarantee to a mere slogan. Roadblocks are funded by the government. Despite all the overwhelming resources available to the government, and the unlimited resources the government has to conduct studies and produce statistics that would further its own self-interest, all the king's horses and all the king's men have never been able to point to a single study that shows that the thousands of government sponsored intrusions into our civil liberties has saved even one life.

That is because roadblocks are no more than a publicity stunt. They do not deter drunk driving. They are a horribly ineffective means of detecting drink driving. They do provide some elected officials a photo opportunity and the chance to make it sound like they ate "taking a bite out of crime". The problem is that DWI roadblocks take too small a "bite", at too high a Constitutional price.

If you are in New Hampshire and have questions regarding DWI, DUI, OUI, or boating while intoxicated please feel free to call me at 603-893-0074.

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