DWI Reality: The Real Minimum is "Zero"

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A common question I get from people who have been charged with driving while intoxicated (DWI), driving under the influence (DUI), or operating under the influence (OUI), goes something like this: "What is the least amount of license loss I can get?" The simple answer, if the defense on both your criminal case and the administrative license suspension hearing are successful, is no license suspension at all.

The plain truth is that in most courts if a driver charged with DWI has no criminal record, he or she will be offered "the minimums" by the prosecution as a "plea offer". Some lawyers will charge drivers to obtain this type of punishment, which is ordinarily easily obtained on the driver's own. For most drivers, if they analyze what the short and long term effects of a criminal record, a long license loss, a big fine, an enormously costly SR-22 policy, the potential for immediate job loss and an impairment to future employment prospects are, the decision on whether they want to be convicted or not is simple: they don't want to be convicted.

So the next question is: which DWI defense lawyer should defend them, and defend their license, at trial. Trial is the operative word here. It is important to identify a DWI lawyer who fights his cases, rather than one who takes whatever the prosecutor hands out and pleads his cases out.

Do not be shy about asking any prospective lawyer when he won his last DWI trial. Note that you should be clear and specify that "winning" does not include "pleas". Winning means hearing some one say "NOT GUILTY" after a DWI trial with the state.

I have also included a list of questions to ask prospective DWI lawyers on my website:




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  1. :), I particularly enjoyed reading the last 2 paragraphs of the article. That is where people make mistake, they would hire any lawyer with DWI attached to his name, without taking into consideration about his success rate in DWI cases.

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