Forced Blood Extraction from Citizens by Cops: Is This What the Founding Fathers Really Had in Mind?

There has been a justifiable national outcry against a new barbaric tactic in DWI cases in which police physically restrain a driver and force a blood draw if the driver refuses to blow into a breath testing gadget. The driver is forcibly restrained by cops, a needle is stuck into the driver's body at least once while the cop tries to find and stab a vein, and the cops suck blood out of the struggling citizen's body, either in a police station or on the hood of a cruiser. You can bet the video will be turned off or "not working at the time" when these horrific assaults take place.

The new pilot program is reportedly underway in Idaho. Blood is already forcibly drawn from citizens in misdemeanor first offense DWI cases in Arizona and Texas. Do you think that's just and fair and American? Are real drunks so clever at hiding their drunkenness that the police can't prove a DWI case without an alleged blood result? Forced blood draws are a logical next step to DWI roadblocks. Once the annihilation of our rights began with road blocks, the .08 per se "legal limit", and other shortcuts around the Constitution, the police began to take away as many rights as they could, and will continue to do so until they are stopped by the courts and/or the legislatures. The Constitution is taking a beating in the name of the "War on Drunk Driving".

When the rights that are being sand-blasted away were won, they were purchased at a high price. When the Bill of Rights was drafted it was written and adopted by Americans who risked their lives and everything they had to escape government tyranny. One great hero that fought for these rights was Captain Samuel Whittemore.

Samuel Whittemore was born in England and came to America as a Captain in the Royal Dragoons to fight the French in 1745. During the British capture of Ft. Louisburg, he captured a French officer's sword that he carried for the rest of his life. When asked where he got it he would explain that its prior owner had "died suddenly". After fighting in the Indian Wars in 1763, Captain Whittemore returned home with a pair of dueling pistols, whose previous owner had likewise "died suddenly".

Captain Whittemore lived in Menotomy in Massachusetts, which is now Arlington. A father and grandfather, he believed strongly in American independence. He wanted his children and grandchildren to be free from government oppression and unjust laws.

On April 19, 1775, about 700 British troops marched toward Menotomy. Hours later they were joined by another 1400 reinforcements. Rumours reached town that the British were retreating from Lexington and Concord toward Bunker Hill, and that they were burning down American houses along the way. When Captain Whittemore heard all this he took his musket from its spot above his fireplace, got his powder and shot bag, put his two dueling pistols in his belt and strapped on his sword. Captain Whittemore was 80 years old on April 19, 1775.

As the British approached, Captain Whittemore found a spot with a good view of the road from Lexington, but it was a dangerous spot that would not allow retreat. His fellow minutemen urged him to find a different spot from which to shoot that would be safer, but Captain Whittemore wouldn't be moved. The other minutemen began to fire at the advancing British, then retreat and reload their muskets.

Captain Whittemore waited until the British column was nearly upon him, stood up and fired his musket, killing a British soldier. He then drew his two dueling pistols and fired, killing another redcoat and wounding another. He had no time to reload so he drew his sword and fought on. A British soldier fired his musket at Captain Whittmore at point blank range, tearing part of his face off and knocking him to the ground. He tried to stand up and fight with his sword but he was overwhelmed and bayoneted 13 times.

The British left the shot and bayoneted body of Captain Whittmore for dead. But when the townspeople came to remove Whittmore's dead body they found him alive, bleeding from the 13 bayonet wounds and with half his face blown off, but alive and trying to reload his musket. At the makeshift hospital for Patriot soldiers in a tavern, the attending doctor thought that Captain Whittemore had no chance to live and he didn't want to waste the scarce dressings on him.

Badly scarred but proud of his actions for American freedom Captain Whittemore survived and lived for 18 more years. He died at the age of 98, and said that he would take the same chance again if he had it to take for his adopted country. The bravery and sacrifice of the American Patriots was awe-inspiring.

When you think about their heroics, all done and made for rights and liberty, do you think that police roadblocks and forced blood draws from citizens are really the type of society that these Patriots envisioned when they laid down their lives to be free from government oppression?

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  1. Its against my religion to give blood.I would fight tooth and nail.Whats happening to democracy,our freedom and the Bill of Rights. Anyone who condones or participates in such acts are the real terrorist. Not osama,atleast he dos'nt pretend to be an American.