"Green Tongue" Evidence Tossed Again: Junk Science Exposed in Georgia-NH DWI Lawyer Mark Stevens 603-893-0075

Hi everyone. Here's a link to a story about a bogus, false arrest. The cops noted "a reddening of the conjunctiva and a greenish color on the driver's tongue". The "reddening" would be the same if you smoked weed, overslept, didn't sleep, drank a lot of coffee, didn't drink enough coffee, stayed outside in the sun or almost anything else, because "reddening of the conjunctiva" is in the "eye" of the beholder. The "greenish tongue" could be caused by eating green Italian wedding cookies, jalapenos or anything else with green food coloring. But as many of us have heard, cops will testify that "based on their training and experience, a green tongue means that the green tongued person had smoked weed". The beauty of this case: the "suspect" agreed to a blood test that revealed that he had not smoked any marijuana! Maybe they should change the "green tongue" part of the curriculum at the police academy?


The police will stretch logic and reason to the point of absurdity. If you hear testimony that doesn't make sense, don't buy what they're selling simply because they bolster the comment with "based on my experience and training". As you can see in this case, a blood test entirely disproved this officer's "training and experience" about "green tongues".

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