New Case Results on ByeByeDWI.com - "Tazed But Not Suspended" by Mark Stevens 603-893-0074

Hello everyone. I have posted two new case results on my website, one a dismissal of a boating while intoxicated charge and the other is the dismissal of an ALS suspension after the driver was tazed:


You will see a victory in a boating while intoxicated that was dismissed during a trial in District Court last week. In that case most of the evidence was suppressed after my motion to suppress was granted based on an illegal extension of the initial stop of the driver by police. It is important to challenge any and all evidence the state tries to present in a DWI or boating while intoxicated case.

Another noteworthy case result is the administrative license suspension hearing victory from November 24, 2009. In that case, the citizen was climbing out of a vehicle that had come to rest against a tree just off the road. After a brief unfriendly discussion with police, an officer electronically shocked the citizen, and charged him with DWI, resisting arrest and a medley of other alleged transgressions. As you can read, his administrative license suspension for allegedly refusing a blood test was dismissed after a hearing. See the article titled Tazed But Not Suspended. Further proof that the only really "automatic" suspensions are the ones that don't get challenged.

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Mark Stevens





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