New DWI Roadblock Story in Eagle Tribune

Yesterday's Eagle Tribune ran a story on DWI roadblocks in the wake of the roadblock last weekend in which a passenger was killed while in police custody. You may recall that the arrest of the man who was killed occurred on the front lawn of the Eagle Tribune's office building. Here is a link to the story:


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Mark Stevens






  1. Can they question passengers in roadblocks?I thought it was just the drunk drivers they try to catch.what do the cops care if passengers are drunk?

  2. This is a great question. The publicly stated reason for DWI roadblocks is to catch and deter drink drivers. In real life, the number of actually drunk drivers that happen to roll into one of these DWI roadblocks is so small that police look for anything else they can find. It is not against the law (yet) to be a drunken passenger. There is no legal or Constitutional basis to interrogate passengers, assuming they are over 21, about intoxication or anything else. But we know that it is routinely done because of the scarcity of real drunks in a roadblock on a percentage basis. Have a great weekend and thanks for your question.