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Hello everyone. Here is a new video of an RCTV broadcast that is now on YouTube. It is a Q and A show hosted by Attorney Kendra Cooper. Massachusetts OUI defense attorney Jay Milligan and I are the guests on this show. The topic is the new trend of mandatory breath testing of high school students using hand-held breath gadgets. Here is a link to the video:


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  1. do you have to blow into one of those breath test machines at school if the school staff tell you to?

  2. do you have to blow into the machine if the school staff tell you to do it?

  3. How many points go on your license for DWI on the first offense.

  4. I sat as an elected school board member in Central Pennsylvania for 4 years.

    There was always a push to deploy PBTs into the schools. Some of the very points that you make in the youtube video. Can you imagine being a parent told to come and pick up your kid for a false positive PBT result simply because the youngster ate white bread?

    -Justin J. McShane, Esquire, Harrisburg DUI Lawyer

  5. Hello. A DWI first offense conviction in New Hampshire will result in 6 points on your driving record.

  6. Response to Harrisburg DWI Lawyer:
    Dear Justin, I saw your comment after a reader had posted a question on the number of points for a DWI conviction in New Hampshire. In response to your comment, the people in the jurisdiction you served as a school board member were fortunate to have you on that board; there are few people who can expose "junk science" better than you do. In most places, though, like here, the officials are only told what a great, cheap, easy-to-use gadget they'll be getting and the false positives start rolling in. Thanks for your input my friend.
    Mark Stevens