Do People Ever Get Arrested For No Good Reason?

Hello Everyone,
This video shows a Jets fan getting arrested at Qualcom stadium in San Diego at yesterday's playoff game, apparently for cheering for the Jets. He wasn't swearing, fighting or doing anything illegal at all. His crime seems to be chanting "Jets! Jets! Jets!" and pointing at his Jets shirt. Watch this disturbing video of a platoon of cops arresting him. Listen closely as the police discuss using a taser on the Jets fan.


Please don't play this with children watching as the audio picks up another fan using some obscenities while protesting the innocent man's arrest. I don't know what this man was charged with, but I would guess some combination of Disorderly Conduct, Resisting Arrest and maybe even an assault charge or two. This happens in many cases because there is no video. This will be an interesting story to follow.


Have a safe night,

Mark Stevens


  1. what was the charge or charges he was arrested for.it looks like all he did was wear a jets shirt and cheer (maybe that is a crime!)

  2. he was wearing a Jets shirt-case closed.

  3. Shit like this happens every day. Police are the scum of the earth and will all burn in hell. Fuck the police!!!!!!!!!