Verifiable DWI Road-Block Death Toll: Lives Lost 1; Lives Saved 0

The story continues in the first reported death caused in a DWI roadblock. Today's Eagle Tribune article by JJ Huggins chronicles the latest news in this horrific case that was spawned by a Thanksgiving Eve DWI roadblock in Massachusetts. Read about the blunt force trauma to the head, face and chest of this passenger who was killed in a DWI roadblock. The police can never prove that a single life has been saved in a DWI roadblock. But now at least one has been lost. Lucky for everybody, this is "still under investigation". Here is a link to the Eagle Tribune article.


Wouldn't it be helpful for this investigation if this incident had been videotaped? Police videotape arrests and roadblocks around the country, why not here? Because people seldom look or sound as drunk on a real video recording as they sound in a police report?


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Mark Stevens

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