Lawyer Up! WCCM AM 1110 Radio with New Hampshire DWI Defense Attorney Mark Stevens 5-12-2011 ...

DUI/DWI laws. Here is a radio show I did on May 12, 2011 on WCCM radio AM 1110. Included topics are some tips on trying to avoid unwanted police contacts during the summer time:

(After introductions by WCCM's Bruce Arnold):

Mark Stevens: Good morning every body this is "Lawyer Up" which is what you should do if the police want to talk to you.

Bruce Arnold: Did you see the other Attorney? Did you see Jason in the parking lot?

Mark Stevens: I saw Jason leaving I saw him in the parking lot and I've got to say it looked he was driving pretty quick; I know he always listens to this station all the time

Bruce Arnold: Sure he does.

Mark Stevens: ... so he's probably listening now and I'd like to admonish him to obey the rules of the road as he heads back up to Salem. I always travel at a safe and reasonable and prudent speed as I know you always do Bruce...

Bruce Arnold: Yes, sir!

Mark Stevens: And obeying the rules of the road is a good thing to think about because the summer is coming and police activity is usually stepped up around this time, and I want to talk this morning about how to avoid some unnecessary, unwanted contacts with the police, to the extent that you can. One thing that you can do, it's an easy precaution to take, and something the police are on the lookout for, is that your license, registration and inspection sticker for your vehicles are up to date. If those things are expired or your car is uninspected you are going to get stopped. So an easy thing to do is double and triple check that those things are up to date and your stickers are on. Don't give them a cheap shot at stopping you. Then they start getting frisky and looking around and finding stuff you might not want them to find.

Mark Stevens: I'm not saying any one listening has any thing like that in their car but if you do, you don't want them to find it. The police use the motor vehicle laws to stop people and a common one now is for lights that are out. So you want to check Bruce your headlights, your brake lights and your plate lights and everything like that because if they're out you're getting stopped.

Bruce Arnold: The inspectiuon stickers too.

Mark Stevens: Yes, those too. That's a really common reason to get stopped. it's easy to forget about if your car is working well. You don't always think about it but the police are always thinking about it. So if you drive by them without the sticker, especially between midnight and 2:00 a.m., when they're looking for DWI and OUI cases, and drug cases, you are going to get stopped. You want to make sure you don't give them an easy pass to stopping you. The obvious things are don't speed, don't cross over the yellow lines, use your directionals, but it's the little things that come back and bite you. You should have some body help you and make sure all your lights are working, including your brake lights.

Mark Stevens: Make sure your plate lights are working; those are the lights that illuminate the license plate. That's a common reason for stops that lead to a DWI arrest. It's not because the cops have a keen interest in plate lights and light bulbs; it's because it gives them a chance to pull you over, and sometimes it goes down hill from there...

Bruce Arnold: I bet it does....

Have a safe night,

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  1. This was a good video. Why dont they just let people go with a warning if their plate light is out. Seems like chickens--t to me. justsayin