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If you get stopped and the police suspect you are intoxicated ("DUI/DWI")they will ask you about drinking. "Have you been drinking?" is the tricky way the question is posed. You may have had a beer or two. But the way the question is posed, an affirmative answer sounds like you've been sitting around a bar in a drinking contest.

If you answer "yes" and describe what you drank, you will be well on your way to getting arrested and prosecuted. Once the cop asks, he is probably considering arresting you no matter what you answer.

There is no better time to exercise your right to zip it and your right to a lawyer than when a cop asks you if you have been drinking. Most innocent people beleieve that if they explain to the police what they drank that they are helping themselves. Wrong! Be careful how you answer any question posed by the police when you are stopped.

Here is a video discussing your right to remain silent: "If You Don't Talk, You Might Walk"


Have a safe night.


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