Don't Tell The Cops That You Take Prescription Meds

New Hampshire DWI laws . Happy St. Patrick's Day every one. Please celebrate responsibly. There will be cops all over the roads in New Hampshire tonight because of St. Patrick's Day.  Be careful out there. The police are prepared to make a lot of arrests tonight.

Make sure you have your license and registration easily accessible in case you are stopped.  Make sure your lights, including your plate lights and brake lights, are working before you drive Saturday night; the cops will be looking for reasons to to stop your car and snoop around.  Don't give them a reason to stop you! There will be 27 extra patrol units on Rockingham County roads tonight; don't give them a chance to hassle you.

The police have announced that they will be out on St. Patrick's Day trolling for drunk drivers and "drugged drivers". The police sometimes arrest people for drug impairment if they make minor driving errors but the cops can't smell alcohol. The police conduct a bizarre 12 step process on driver to "detect drug impairment". If they're told to find some drug impaired drivers they will probably find some.  Most drivers who are subjected to this test have either already been arrested or are about to be arrested for DWI-drugs.  Choose carefully whether you want to help the police convict you!
It may be unwise for you to answer a cop's questions about medications. If he is asking you about prescription medications he has probably already decided to arrest you; he is getting you to admit to prescription medication use. Remember, once you have provided your license and registration and identified yourself , you do not need to answer questions during a roadside interrogation, including questions about any part of your medical history. You have the right to a lawyer and the right to remain silent when the police try to question you about prescription drug use. You Don't Have to Talk to the Cops! Here is a YouTube video on this subject:

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