Illegal Alien Obama Uncle Has Hardship Lifted Off Massachusetts License after OUI

New Hampshire DWI laws.  You may have read about the recent highly publicized case of Onyango Obama, President Obama's uncle, who has lived illegally in the United States for decades.  What brought recent attention to this case was the lifting of the "hardship license" (sometimes called a "Cinderella license" or "work license") status from his Massachusetts drivers license after 45 days.  This licensing issue was spawned by a drunk driving arrest.  So if you have been arrested for DWI in New Hampshire, you may ask yourself, "what about me?"  Well if you were arrested for DWI or aggravated DWI in New Hampshire, you won't get a work license.  That is because under New Hampshire DWI laws there is no such thing as a "Hardship License" or "Work License", unlike Massachusetts and most of our neighboring states. New Hampshire's OUI and DWI penalties are harsh and have serious consequences unlike our surrounding states.  If you lose your license for a DWI or aggravated DWI in New Hampshire, you cannot legally drive. 
Here is a video report from Fox 25 Boston  that reports about the Obama-uncle license issue:

Onyango Obama has hardship lifted from MA driver's license
(Video from MyFoxBoston.com/Fox 25 Boston)
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