Arrested for DWI in Chester, New Hampshire?

New Hampshire DWI Lawyer.  If you're driving through Chester, New Hampshire late at night the likelihood of you being stopped for minor traffic violations like "crossing the yellow line", minor speeding infractions is very high.  Even minor equipment violations like having a "plate light out" or "tail light out" can cause an unwanted late night encounter with the local police.  Once you're stopped, you can be a sitting duck for a DWI arrest, and be facing New Hampshire DWI penalties.  When the police question you they are trying to get you to incriminate yourself.  Watch this video that explains why you should consider declining the cops' invitations for you to incriminate yourself:

Once you have been asked to do field sobriety tests, whether you are drunk or not, you are probably going to be arrested for DWI.  If you arrested in Chester, you will be given an arraignment date in the 10th Circuit Court, District Division-Derry.  This used to be called the Derry District Court. 

If you have been arrested in Chester, New Hampshire, or any where else in New Hampshire, for DWI, "aggravated DWI" or any other related charges feel free to call me today for a free consultation.  Call right now: 1-603-893-0074.  I look forward to speaking with you.

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