Babysit That Joint or Else Say Mass Prosecutors

Marijuana laws. Here's a crazy one.  In Massachusetts, where marijuana has been decriminalized, bitter prosecutors have charged a law-abiding citizen with "distribution" of drugs because the citizen shared a joint with a friend.  Sparing no expense, they have fought this case on appeal.  The passing of the joint, at least to these prosecutors, equates to criminal distribution of drugs. Here is a link to a story on this case:


So I guess the state's objective is to have all citizens light up their own joint, which would not be a crime.  So if you light up that joint or bowl, babysit it and you're not committing a crime, so the prosecutor-logic goes.  But share it with a friend and you are committing an alleged felony and treated like a drug dealer. There are times when you ask yourself, "doesn't the government have anything better to do?" In this latest losing skirmish in the government's "war on drugs", the answer seems to be "no".

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