Do You Have An Arraignment in a New Hamphire District Court Coming Up?

New Hampshire DWI Lawyer. Do you have an arraignment coming up for a criminal charge in a New Hampshire court?  This is an important step in New Hampshire criminal case procedure.  It is also a step at which a lot of people make mistakes because they do not have a New Hampshire criminal defense lawyer yet.  When you arrive at Court, there will be a roll call to see if every one who has an arraignment is present.  Some times the clerk will ask you "how are you going to plead?".  And you may have no idea what you should do, what the options are, or what the consequences of your actions will be.  This is a scary process. 

As this video explains, the best answer is to plead "not guilty" until you can consult with a New Hampshire criminal defense lawyer. 

There are a huge number of arraignments scheduled for December 31st this year in New Hampshire courts.  This is in part because there are usually a high number of arrests between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day.  It is also in part due to changes the New Hampshire legislature has made to New Hampshire DWI laws, which require rapid procedural program requirements for New Hampshire DWI convictions.  The lawmakers have made it harder than ever for you to get your license back due to the number of time consuming hoops you will have to jump through if you are convicted of DWI.  So be careful when you are asked how you are going to plead.  There are an unusually large number of arraignments scheduled for the 10 Circuit Court in Salem (formerly known as "The Salem District Court"). 


Don't be a victim of this process because you are scared!  Call me right now before your arraignment at 1.603.893.0074 Call 24/7.  Feel free to program my number into your cell phone right now in case you need it later.  If you are unsure how to plead at your arraignment don't plead guilty until you have had a chance to speak with me. 

I look forward to speaking with you and trying to help you have a Happy New Year!