If You Get Busted for Shoplifting This Weekend, "Zip It!" then Call Salem, NH DWI Lawyer Mark Stevens (24/7) @ 1.603.893.0074

NH Theft Laws. Merry Christmas everybody!  The holidays are a busy time of year for almost every body.  Sometimes the bad economy, stress, forgetfulness, attention deficit issues, and other factors can cause people to take things out of a store without paying for them.  If you get charged with theft, shoplifitng, willful concealment, or any other type of stealing related charge or charges, your next steps are important ones. 

First: Know what to do if you get busted.  I suggest that you store my cell number in your phone right now:  1-603-785-6458.  Save it under "Attorney Mark Stevens" so you can find it easy when you need it most.

Second:  Have cash bail money with you in case you need it to get out.  Also have a ride lined up to pick you up from the police station.

ThirdDont answer the loss prevention people's questions.  Refuse any efforts they may make to photograph you or videotape you with a pile of stolen stuff.  If they tell you that if you answer their questions and sign a statement that they wont call the cops they are probably lying to you.  Don't buy what they're selling, they are out to get you!

Fourth:  The cops are coming.  Go along peacefully with them, but don't get chatty with them.  Dont make or sign any statements about the event to the cops.  You will need to give them basic booking information to get released but don't talk about anything that happened in the store.

Fifth:  Call your lawyer immediately.  1-603-785-6458 24/7 if you get busted.
I hope that you have a Merry and pepper-spray free Christmas!  But dont hesitate to call me if you dont!

If the cops want to talk to you it's not to help you; it is to incriminate you! Be quiet.  Watch this video for pointers:

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