Big Changes to NH DWI Effective New Years Eve: Its More Important Than Ever To Lawyer Up & Shut Up

NH DWI Laws. The holidays are a busy time of the year and most people are not thinking about DWI checkpoints or police saturation patrols especially those out celebrating and enjoying the seasons' festivities with their loved ones and family. 

The NH Police announced their statewide efforts to once again crack down on drunk drivers and those not obeying the laws from the Maine state line to the Massachusetts border on December 14th and early December 15th. They also announced that their tactics this weekend would be much different than their typical DWI checkpoints. They will not have designated 'checkpoint' areas for stopping  drivers.   Local and state police will be out and heavily patrolling:  I-95Routes 101, and  Route 286 and 1A specifically monitoring ALL drivers on the roads Friday night and early Saturday morning. 

 If you live around the NH Seacoastor simply plan on being 'out and about' in Portsmouth, Exeter, Rochester, Hampton Beach, Seabrook, or Brentwood areas (December 14 and 15th) the cops are looking for people to pull over and they don't need a sobriety checkpoint to do it this weekend! 

Call to Action:

 If you get hassled this weekend and the cops want to ask you questions, remember Lawyer Up & Shut up- then call DWI & Criminal Defense Attorney Mark Stevens at  1.603.893.0074   (24/7)    If you have problems with the cops, call Mark Stevens. He'll know what to do. Check out Attorney Stevens' winning case examples and find out more information by visiting us at ByeByeDWI.com. We look forward to speaking with you.

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