Prepare to Be Hassled This Sunday Night By the Cops

New Hampshire DWI attorney . It's Super Bowl Weekend!  If you are driving after the Super Bowl, the police will be watching you closely, looking for any reason to stop and hassle you to see if you are DWI or if you have a little weed in your car. In New Hampshire, the police patrol the roads and highways aggressively after the Super Bowl; if you have a light out, an inspection sticker expired or you license is suspended, the cops are likely to stop you and hassle you and your passengers.

Also, remember the absurd changes that were made in January 2013 to New Hampshire's DWI laws.  Unhappy with the amount of drivers already arrested for drunk driving and driving under the influence of controlled drugs, the New Hampshire legislators have  expanded New Hampshire's DWI law to include driving "under the influence" of "any over the counter drug, or any other chemical, natural or synthetic, which impairs a person's ability to drive".  You can now be prosecuted for driving under the influence of cough syrup or aspirin.

If you get stopped, you have to give him your license and registration and identify yourself.  Beyond that, the new DWI laws make it more important than ever not to answer a single question a cop asks you after you are stopped.  It may not be wise for you to answer any of a cop's questions about medications. If he is asking you about medications he is already deciding to arrest you; he is getting you to admit to prescription medication use. or now even cough syrup or allergy medicines: any statement has the potential to get you arrested for DWI in New Hampshire now! If they don't know what you have taken don't tell them!  You have the right to a lawyer and the right to remain silent when the police try to question you about anything. Here is an informational video with some hints:

Lawyer Up! Call me today at 1-603-893-0074 right now! Don't tell them you have a cold, cough or any other illness, don't tell them what you ate, drank, smoked,snorted or swallowed!

You can plug my cell number into your contacts right now on your cell phone in case you are hassled:
1-603-785-6458 .  When they start to question you, lawyer up and shut up!

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