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If the Police think you're buzzed from marijuana, controlled substances, and yes, even over the counter medications (including cough syrup) you can be charged with a DWI in the state of New Hampshire. New Hampshire's DWI penalties and consequences are relentlessly unforgiving. 

These harsh legal penalties can haunt citizens busted for driving under the alleged influence of weed just as long as a drunk driving charge. Don't put yourself (or your reputation) in the hot seat if the cops want to stop and ask you questions,  take Attorney Mark Stevens advice: Lawyer Up and Shut Up. You Don't Have to Talk to the Cops!  

3 Times you shouldn't say "YES" to the cops:

  1. Is there anything in the car I should know about? 
  • (not good to say “yes” if the answer is “weed”)
  1. Have you been smoking weed? 
  • (“yes” being an obvious bad answer)
  1. Do you feel buzzed? 
  • (“buzzed” = “guilty” at a DWI trial)

If the cops suspect you of driving after you smoked marijuana, you will probably get arrested for DUI.  Don't wait call Mark Stevens (24/7)&@ 603.893.0074. & The consultation is free.

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  1. Such important advice... makes it much harder to mount a solid defense if you've admitted to the arresting officer that you've been smoking.