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http://www.nhcrime.com  Happy Memorial Day Everyone! Please have a safe and police-free Memorial Day Weekend. As always, holiday weekends are a prime time for the cops to amp-up their police presence on the roadways.  Take the extra 5 minutes and make sure you are aware of the precautionary steps you can take to avoid unwanted police hassles while traveling this weekend, or spending time with family and friends.  Before hitting the highway, double check your plate and brake lights, locate and create easy access to your license and registration- keep your inspection stickers up to date (and license plates).   Equipment violations are a great way to find yourself in the flashing blues of a police car despite your "good driver discount status."

Avoid giving the police a chance to legally stop you by making sure that your lights are functioning and any equipment issues have been addressed before heading out.   

As always have a safe and hassle-free weekend!

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