NH DWI Laws: One More Reason to Fight Your New Hampshire DWI Charge-IID / "Ignition Interlock Devices"

Ignition Interlock Devices.  The numerous changes to New Hampshire's DWI laws that took effect on January 1, 2013 provide more incentive than ever to fight every New Hampshire DWI charge.  Today's DWI topic is the new law on "Ignition Interlock Devices", found in RSA 265-A:36-a "Department of Safety Authority to Order Ignition Interlock Device Installation of Enhanced Technology Ignition Interlock Device."  This law was passed with an effective date of January 1, 2013.

As you may know, the Circuit Courts and Superior Courts in New Hampshire are required under certain circumstances defined in RSA 265-A:36, "Alcohol Ignition Ignition Interlock Program Established", to order ignition interlock devices after certain types of DWI convictions and convictions for operating after DWI revocations.  The Courts also have discretion to order the interlock devices under other types of DWI cases and under other circumstances. 

The new law now permits the Department of Safety to order an alcohol ignition interlock device prior to the reinstatement of any driver after any DWI or vehicular assault conviction, whether the court sentence ordered one or not.  There are no criteria in the statute as to who gets an ignition interlock or who doesn't.  The law permits the Department of Safety to order interlocks without any rules or procedures in place to determine who is forced to pay for an ignition interlock device and who isn't.  The Department of Safety can order an interlock, at least according to this law, for no better reason than they don't think the court sentenced you harshly enough!

Don't buy a ticket to this administrative-punitive cirque du soleil !  If you receive a hearing notice after your conviction to review your record and determine whether you will be fettered by a cumbersome alcohol ignition interlock device for the next year or two, contact me right away.  Fight it.  And if you are considering a plea deal that involves a charge reduction, you should be familiar with the spectre of this new law.  Call me today at 1-603-893-0074 for a free consultation.  Know your rights! 

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