What is a Bail Hearing? By New Hampshire DWI Attorney Mark Stevens 1.603.893.0074

When you are accused of a crime, bail is set.  Bail amounts and conditions are set for two primary reasons: one is to make sure you show up at court and the other is to make sure you're not a danger to yourself or any one else.  If you or someone you know has an arraignment in court coming up  contacting a NH criminal defense lawyer to help you make the right decisions is imperative. The first chance at an opportunity to receive a reduction in bail is at the arraignment, the next is at a bail hearing! It is inadvisable to try to  handle matters like these on your own, contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer who practices regularly in the court you're headed to.  Call Attorney Mark Stevens if you would like to discuss a possible reduction in bail at 1-603-893-0074 today for a free consultation and initial case evaluation, or visit us at ByeByeDWI.com or NHCrime.com. Fight for your freedom! Call Mark Stevens Today, He'll know what to do! 

 Two Key Factors in Determining Bail Reduction:

  •  Whether the accused is a person who is likely to flee the jurisdiction in order to avoid prosecution and conviction. 

  • In court the flight risk factor is used when they decide whether or not to grant bail or surety bond to an individual, and it is an important factor is setting the bond amount. Courts can decide to set higher bail if the defendant has a high risk of flight.

  • A person's level of danger, violence, and general risk to the safety of the community is the second factor considered. in New Hampshire individuals charged with 1st Degree Murder are held until trial and are never released on bail. First Offense DWI charges, on the other hand, usually call for personal recognizance bail. 


Don't be a victim of this process because you are scared!  Call me right now before your Bail Hearing or Arraignment (24/7) @ 1.603.893.0074   Feel free to program my number into your cell phone right now in case you need it later.  If you are unsure how to plead at your arraignment don't plead guilty until you have had a chance to speak with me

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