Arraignment : What Happens?

Aaron Hernandez . An arraignment is when charges are formally read to the accused in open court.  This usually happens immediately, or soon, after an arrest is made.  the New England Patriots' recently released tight end Aaron Hernandez' arraignment is scheduled for this afternoon in Massachusetts after police complete his booking. 

In New Hampshire, arraignments in the District Courts are handled differently.  For most alleged crimes, the arraignments are often held a month or more after the arrest is made.  In January of 2013, a new DWI arraignment law went into effect that requires that arraignments on New Hampshire DWI charges must be held within fourteen business days after the arrest is made.  There is no remedy if the DWI arraignment is not held within 14 day, rendering the time requirement relatively meaningless except for some docket congestion in the District Courts.  The New Hampshire DWI arraignment schedule is as follows:

RSA 265-A:3-a.  Arraignment.

"To the extent practicable, a law enforcement officer charging an individual with violating RSA 265-A:2 0r RSA 265-A:3 shall schedule an arraignment to take place no later than 14 business days after the date of the violation.

Effective January 1, 2013.

So, if a person is arrested for DWI her arraignment will likely be within a few weeks of her arrest.  At the arraignment, the accused can enter a plea of either not guilty or guilt to the accusation.  One should consult with an experienced New Hampshire DWI attorney who has won a significant number of DWI trials before making that decision. For a brief explanation of New Hampshire arraignments please review this YouTube video:

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  1. http://www.courts.nh.gov/SpecialSessions/mediaplayer/district-court.html This link also shows a video the court made about what happens at your arraignment. It's pretty informative as well :) Hope this helps anyone!