Congratulations to the Red Sox! Did You Get Arrested After the Game? Two Main Factors in Lowering Your Bail

Congratulations to the World Champion Boston Red Sox! It was an exciting night for many Boston fans. For some, unfortunately, it was memorable also because they were charged with "disorderly conduct" or "rioting" in Durham at UNH after the game, where it was reported that thousands of revelers stormed downtown Durham right after the last out. Those charged may have immediate bail issues. When it comes to putting a price on freedom,   a reasonable bail is critical in the early stages of court proceedings in order for you to remain free pending trial. However,  if you, or someone you know has an arraignment in court coming up  contacting a lawyer to help you make the right decisions is imperative. The first chance at an opportunity to receive a reduction in bail is at the Arraignment! Don't handle matters like these on your own, contact a lawyer.  Call Attorney Mark Stevens if you would like to discuss a possible reduction in bail at 1-603-893-0074 today for a free consultation and initial case evaluation, or visit us at www.byebyedwi.com. Call Attorney Mark Stevens today; he'll know what to do!  

There are two main  determining factors used in deciding whether or not an indiviudal will be granted a reduction in their bail. 

1. FLIGHT RISK= A person who is likely to flee the state, area, or even country in order to avoid prosecution and conviction.

  • In court the flight risk factor is used when they decide whether or not to grant bond to an individual. This factor is considered while deciding the bond amount. Courts can decide based on their discretion to set highger bail if the defendant has a high risk of flight.   a person who is likely to flee the country/state/area to avoid criminal prosecution.

2. LEVEL OF THREAT INDIVIDUAL PRESENTS TO THE SAFETY OF THE COMMUNITY= A persons level of danger, violence,  terrorism, and safety to and for the community, surroundings, etc. For example in New Hampshire individuals charged with 1st Degree Murder are held until pre-trial and under any circumstances are never released on bail due to their threat level and the safety of their community.
The Court hears arguments from both defense counsel and the prosecution regarding these two bail factors when deciding what bail will be necessary to secure the accused person's appearance at Court and also for general safety of the community.

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