Thanks and Shoutout to the Heroic Merry Men of #FreeKeene & #KeeneCopblock.org from Salem, NH Lawyer Mark Stevens

To Robin Hood & the The Merry Men of Keene,


Typically, I don't worry much about my meter expiring- if I'm in court there's not much I can do about it. But this week I was saved from a parking meter violation by a group of volunteers in Keene, New Hampshire : Robin Hood and the Merry Men of Keene .  Instead of the familiar Keene parking violation under my wiper blade, to my surprise a merry message awaited me from the Merry Men of Keene; Robin Hood and his crew of Merry Men had saved from the king's parking meter tariff by putting quarters in my meter. The Keene Cop-blockers who rescued me from a meter violation from the hands of the parking meter police are awesome! Thanks for keeping the meters full and saving me from Keene's parking enforcers! I have "paid it forward".  Please keep up the great work Robin Hood and all of the Merry Men!  For more info on these good hearted folks visit ShireSociety.com or KeeneCopBlock.org

 Thank you for "Robin Hooding" my car and saving me from the king's tariff! You folks ROCK!!!

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