Happy New Years Eve and Cheers to a New Year in 2014- from DUI Lawyer Mark Stevens 603-893-0074 (24/7)

Salem, New Hampshire DWI Lawyer Mark Stevens would like to wish everyone a safe and celebratory New Year holiday! Many laws and changes will be coming into effect over the new year so make sure you take the proper precautions tonight to avoid unwanted police encounters if you are out and about celebrating 2014. 

If you are stopped by the police and they suspect you have been drinking any amount of alcohol, even beer, whether you really are drunk or not, they will ask you to do 3 or more "tests", then they will arrest you and charge you with DWI, DUI or OUI, all of which have the same horrible consequences for you. Remember, you do not have to submit to these tests! Check out the tips in this YouTube video on how to play it safe and "Be a Zero!"

If you happen to have an unwanted encounter with the police- call Attorney Mark Stevens right away (24/7).  1.603.893.0074    The consultation and initial case evaluation are always free. We look forward to speaking with you and wish everyone a safe and memorable New Years!

New Hampshire DWI Laws by New Hampshire Attorney Mark Stevens.

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  1. Thanks for the tips! It's important to know you don't have to submit to the tests.